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ECM Puristika Espresso Machine



July 2024

Sales & Service

ECM Puristika creme 2 seitlich

Park Lane Coffee Co Ltd was formed in 2013. We started our coffee roasting business in house in our café “Two Fifty Square Café” Rathmines, Dublin 6.

Today our café in Rathmines is going strong but we have moved the coffee roasting business to a new premises in Terenure. 

In 2018, I set up Park Lane Espresso to concentrate on sales and service of Home Espresso Machines, Coffee Grinders and Accessories. Our suppliers include ECM from Germany, Ascaso from Spain, Vibiemme (VBM) and La Pavoni From Italy, DIP from Romania, Joe Frex from Germany

  All specialist companies, in their own field.

Espresso Coffee Machine Technology


ECM produce premium espresso machines for households and businesses  as well as espresso grinders. They have over 25 years experience in the coffee business.

ECM coffee machines and grinders are meticulously produced by hand, with great emphasis on high quality. ECM's vision is to create premium espresso machines of the highest functionality and visual appeal, standing out with a distinguishable polished stainless steel body.

ECM design is a combination of exceptional quality, unrivalled technology and luxury design. An example of this technology is our redesign and patent of the E61 brew group.

ECM Brew Group 
Further development of the legendary 
E61 Brew Group

Just over 50 years after the introduction of the legendary Faema brew group, we have significantly improved the brew group in technology and design. This further development with our innovative stainless steel brew bell is protected by patent.

Park Lane Espresso Hero Imaage
ECM Mechanika Milieu Commercial Coffee Machine


Handmade in the hills of Heidelberg

All ECM machines and grinders are developed and designed in Germany and exclusively produced with the finest possible handcraft in their own production facilities in Germany and Italy.

The decision to produce first in Italy and then in Germany was a conscious one for quality, responsibility, espresso culture and engineering, and, with regard to the environment, also as a decision for future oriented sustainability.

As a well-coordinated team, ECM directly oversee the entire first-hand development process of each and every one of our espresso machines and grinders. Product development, the design department, and production team are all closely linked and work together. ECM are there every step of the way: from the initial idea to us the distributor and eventually to you the customer.  

The German production facilities, as well as their head office, are located near Heidelberg. In Bammental  they manufacture the Casa V, the Synchronika dual boiler model, and the commercial line, and the entire range of grinders with the utmost care and passion.

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